We have always positioned ourselves on the market with the goal of being perceived as a reliable partner for our customers.
We believe that this goal needs to be achieved on a daily basis, by showing customers our willingness and readiness to assist and our ability to come up with solutions that can create value.

The constant stream of new hardware and software developments and the new production requirements means that machines and production lines need to be constantly up to date, to ensure they maintain a high level of efficiency and performance.
Our aim is to offer a technically qualified service for the updating of machines that are already installed, in compliance with the latest regulations, and to meet the quality standards set by the market.

We have sold over 2,000 machines during our almost 50 years in the business, 80% of which are still in production.
This is a sizeable figure that pays testament to the reliability of our products, which in turn hinges on an attentive technical support service.
We guarantee a fast reaction time to requests for operations, controls, and on-site checks to assist the customer, even during the production phase and for validation procedures.
The service also encompasses preventative maintenance plans and inspection visits to check the condition of the machines.

A dedicated team guides the customer in the handling of spare parts, supplying original parts in surprisingly short delivery times.
We are able to guarantee this level of service as a result of our in-depth, expert knowledge of the fleet of machines installed, which over the years has enabled us to optimise the stock of spare parts available in the warehouse.
Using an innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use software (XPARE), our customers can manage
requests for spare parts online, cutting down the time it takes to identify spare part codes.

Size parts are fundamental components of the machines and require special consideration in terms of design and development.
The experience that we have acquired over the years, paired with our in-depth knowledge, which extends to machine models that are no longer in production, enables us to guide customers in their choices to optimise their product packaging, thereby speeding up the design process and guaranteeing deliverables that meet production requirements.