High efficiency, automatic modular case packer. The modular design of this machine allows it to be adapted to suit the customer’s specific requirements.
The balcony structure ensures easy access to the machine for cleaning, size changeover and maintenance operations.
The unique design of the machine allows for easy integration with aggregation systems that are increasingly required by the pharmaceutical industry.
Cases can be closed with adhesive tape or using a glue gun.
This high-speed version of the machine is fully equipped with Siemens servomotors.

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• Machine can be adapted to suit the customer’s requirements
• Easy integration with aggregation and case labelling systems.
• Quick and easy size changeover
• Ergonomic design
• Compact
• Remote support capability

• Dedicated feeding of products
• Integration with aggregation systems
• Print & apply labeller
• Management of non-conforming cases.


Maximum speed 12 cases / min
Installed power 4 Kw
Compressed air pressure 6 bar
Average compressed air consumption 8 NL /min
Machine dimensions 4280 x 2780 x H 1950 mm
Machine weight about 1.300 Kg


Allowed cases’ dimensions:
A 200 550
B 130 360
C 100 350

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